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The stunning scenery in King Township has a great deal to do with the fact that 33% of the land is on the Greenbelt and 66% is on the Oak Ridges Moraine. Plus, almost 25% of King Township’s area is forested representing over 20% of all forest cover in York Region.


With an abundance of such ecologically significant countryside, King Township plays an important role in protecting the land, water, and wildlife for generations to come. Between climate change and the increasing pressures to develop, this has become and increasingly difficult task.  


As a lifelong horseperson with a farm in Ward 3, I’m a passionate supporter of protecting not only the environment but also the rural lifestyle that characterises King Township. Ward 3, in particular, embodies King’s farming and agricultural heritage that we are all so fond of and want to preserve.


We have all chosen to live in this area for its natural beauty, vote for Jennifer Anstey to be your voice on council who will safeguard this way of life and defend it against those don’t appreciate the values of country living.

Sepecialty environmental features in King with Ward 3 highlighted.
Countryside in Ward 3.
Countryside in Ward 3.
Jennifer Anstey and Spencer competing in the jumpers.
Jennifer Anstey submits nomination for 2022 municipal election.
Sunrise in Ward 3.
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