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Jennifer Anstey

Hi Neighbours,


I’m a longtime resident of Ward 3 with a strong business background and deep ties to the horse community. I’m passionate about preserving the quality of life in King and would like your support to represent our community on King’s council.


As your representative on council, I will continue my mission for stronger environmental stewardship, appropriate investment in infrastructure with a keen eye on budgets and costs. 


I am always interested to discuss issues of concern, so please feel free to call me at 416-318-2154 or by email:

issues in ward 3


Over 70% of the roads in Ward 3 are listed as being in "Very Poor" condition according to the Township of King 10 Year Paving Strategy and Pavement Management Plan. 

Ward 3 needs a strong voice to advocate for better prioritization of township services to improve these road conditions.

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Avoiding higher taxes was welcomed during the pandemic, but the rising cost of goods combined with ballooning inflation and major new township projects is going to add significant pressure to King Townships budget going forward. 

•  Ward 3 needs a representative with a solid financial background to make informed decisions with your tax dollars. 

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Large portions of King Township are located within the Oak Ridges Moraine, the Greenbelt, and the Holland Marsh. With an abundance of such ecologically significant countryside, King Township plays an important role in protecting the land, water, and wildlife for generations to come. Between climate change and the pressures to develop, this has become an increasingly difficult task.

Ward 3 needs an experienced advocate to preserve and protect the rural countryside that is the heart of King Township. 

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Ward 3 countryside
Ward 3 countryside
Jennifer Anstey and Spencer competing in the jumper division.
Jennifer Anstey submits candidate registration for 2022 municipal election.
Sunrise in Ward 3.
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