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King Township Council Meeting - December 11, 2023

Council approved King's 2024 Budget and Zoning By-law amendments for the project at King Rd & Keel St.

You can watch the live stream of the meeting here, but remember it will only be live for two weeks.

Mayor's Comments

• King has announced that Bianca Cirella is King's new Chief Government Relations Advisor. She will be in charge of Council Liaison and support, Government and Public Relations, Economic Development, SLT/ELT Leadership Programs, and Office Manager of the OCAO.


Winter Recreation Programs – King Community Service Program offers indoor and outdoor activities as well as PA Day and March Break Camps. Registration opens at 7am on December 4th. Click here for more.


Pancake Breakfast - Jan 20th from 9-11am at Trisan Centre. The Township of King hosts an annual pancake breakfast for our Community! This exciting FREE community event is presented on behalf of the Mayor and Council. We invite everyone for a fun day of great food, company and fun - all are welcome! Just show up with your appetite and a pair of skates!


•  Please Shop Local! – Please remember to support King’s local businesses. There are lots of ways to do this including buying gift cards, shopping online, leaving a positive review. Visit 


2024 King Budget

Council approved the new budget which included a 4.98% increase to the municipal portion of your taxes. King collects taxes on behalf of York Region and the School Boards, so the blended rate from all three is expected to be an increase of 3.54%. The School Board rate won’t be available until March, but has stayed at no increase for about the last 10 years.  

King’s increase represents the addition of nine full time equivalent (FTE) jobs to King’s team. I’ve reviewed them all and think they are wise and necessary additions, but I’ve also been asked how King’s staffing compares with other municipalities. These comparisons are difficult because of King’s rural/urban mix and large land mass, but a rough comparison can be made with Caledon which has a similar urban/rural mix but with three times the population and twice the land mass. Caledon has 555 FTE jobs compared to King’s 191 FTEs which is roughly the same on a per capita basis, but King also has staff to maintain our water and wastewater infrastructure which Caledon does not have.

As mentioned in my November 27th report, the slow down in the building industry has meant that the town has only collected a fraction of the Development Charges it had anticipated. King had expected to have 103 new units registered in 2023 which would have generated $5.5 million, but only eight units were registered generating just $700,000. As a result, many of the town’s projects have had to be delayed until funds are available which includes all of the gravel road conversions in Ward 3 that were planned for 2024.


Zoning By-Law Amendments for the Development at King Rd & Keele St

The project represents the largest investment in a commercial purpose building in the core of King City and will reinforce this area as a business centre and will assist the Township in meeting employment growth targets set out in Provincial and Regional Plans. The proposed amendments to the Zoning By-law will support an intensification project in the Village Core that will be in keeping with the objectives of the Official Plan. Most of the requested amendments were to allow for a reduced yard sizes, but the bulk of the conversation was about the requested reduction on parking allocation.

The Zoning by-law requires that the project have 147 parking spaces, but the application only includes seven spaces. In addition, King’s Zoning By-law requires private off-site parking be within a 90-meter radius and no more than a 2-min walk. Staff have reviewed both requirements and have determined that considering the projects usable space and the remote/hybrid work options post-pandemic, that only 40 parking spaces are necessary. They further recommend expanding the off-site parking radius from 90-meters to 400-meters/5-minute walk and note that the applicant is in discussions with lot owners in the vicinity to secure an interim off-street parking arrangement on a short to medium term basis for the required parking.

Council approved the zoning by-law amendments including the recommendation for a Holding Zone that requires confirmation of an agreement for interim off-site parking be incorporated in the Zoning By-law.

As noted in the Burnside engineering report commissioned by King, the town will need to do a study on public parking in the area to accommodate the planned growth.




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